Cluster Storm Jet Housing 3/4" SB x 3/8" RB (Thread-in)

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Cluster Storm Jet Housing  3/4" SB x 3/8" RB (Thread-in)


Type de Produit: Water jet body or housing
Fabricant: Waterway
Couleur / Finition: White
Généralement Utilisé Avec:
S’adapte à la taille du trou: 40 mm
Les connections: 3/4" SB x 3/8" RB
3/4 inch barb for water and 3/8 barb for air. Works with vinyl pipe found in our "Plumbing and Other" section.
Dimensions: Diamètre de la face:
La taille: 75 mm
Diamètre de la buse arrière:
Notes Complémentaires:

You can use any style of Cluster Storm Thread-in jets, also available in this shop to complete the jet assembly.

Assemble through the spa shell with silicone, you can use a gasket instead of the silicone but not both together as this often causes the gasket to spurge out the side and would cause a leak.

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