Pompe Waterway 56f 3HP 1vit. (2,5x2)

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Pompe Waterway 56f 3HP 1vit. (2,5x2)


Type de Produit: Water pump/Jet pump
Fabricant: Waterway
Référence de puissance commune: 3 HP single speed
Puissance: Volts: 230
Hz: 50
Moteur HP Low / High: 3.21
Impulseur d’extrémité humide HP: 5
Amps Low / High Speed: 12.3 - 12.8
RPM Bas / Haut: 2840
Condensateur: 36 uf
Connexions de plomberie: 2.5 x 2 inch Waterway unions
Connections Electriques: No wire with pump, you will need to use your existing wire.
Dimensions: Longueur: 430 mm
La taille: 240 mm
Profondeur: 200 mm
Généralement Utilisé Avec: Artesian, Artesian Island Spas amongst others. (Although listed on the Artesian website as a 4.8bhp, and indeed they are correct, our 3HP single speed Waterway pump shown here has a 5HP wet end. If you combine this with the power ratings of the motor it comes out as a near on perfect match. We have carried out this experiment ourselves recently).
Notes Complémentaires:

This pump can be found in many different Hot Tubs in various forms. It has a 2.5-inch intake and a 2-inch outlet and works in place of either Waterway, Vico, Sta-Rite, GE, Emerson, A.O Smith, ITTor Aqua-flo and in most cases the unions will wind straight on. This pump is used for the boost jets operation.

You may find that your pump has a smooth body as opposed to this style of the pump but as long as the ratings are the same it will still work. In most cases, you will find that the wet end is the same but the motor may be made by a different company.

You maybe finding it difficult to find an exact match for your current pump. If you need our help then just give us a call or email and we will happily advise if this pump can be adapted to work with your system. Our range of pumps we offer is designed to get over most obstacles.

Unions to be purchased separately

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