Pressostat Tecmark 3902

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Pressostat Tecmark 3902


Type de Produit: Pressure switch
Fabricant: Tecmark 3902 - 3903 is 3902 with screws.
Les liaisons: 1/8 inch MPT screw thread to attach to heater tube. Switching mechanism tabs at the sides are 2 x flat spade connectors to attach the contact wire.
Dimensions: La taille: 58 mm
Largeur: 50 mm
Généralement Utilisé Avec: This product is in very common use with Gecko, Spa Builders and Hydroquip control boxes. Used on tubs such as Arctic Spa, Coyote Spa, Dimension One, Sunrise, Hotspot, Gulf Coast, LA Spas, Artesian Spas, Gulf Coast, Inspirations, Hydrospa, Southwest Spas and more
Notes Complémentaires: It sometimes varies in appearance and the later ones are smaller, red with a black underbelly.

They do have a PSI gauge on the side but we would not usually recommend adjusting this, or if you do, do it very gradually.

Most of the time you can tell if the pressure switch is seized because the small bearing inside will not rattle anymore.

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